Responsible Energy Development Act (2013)


Directive 56

The Responsible Energy Development Act came into effect June 17, 2013. The Act established the Alberta Energy Regulators (AER).The mandate is to “provide for the efficient, safe, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of energy resources in Alberta”. The Responsible Energy Development act is a procedural manual on how to file a licence application, and regulatory documents on the licence application process. The act also give the definition of a “natural water body” as any location where water flows or is present, whether the flow or the presence of water is continuous, intermittent or occurs only during a flood. This includes:

  •  The bed and shore of a river, stream, lake, creek, lagoon, swamp, marsh, slough, muskeg, and other natural drainage such as ephemeral draws, wetlands, riparian areas, floodplains, fens, bogs, coulees and rills.