Authenticating Professional 

What is an Authenticating Professional? 

An authenticating professional is a qualification that is gained through professional experience and demonstration of competency, that allows you to review and sign off on reports, work plans, etc. within your area of expertise. 

In providing his/her professional seal, this conveys a message of reliability to the regulators and to the public. The signer also takes on the professional responsibility for the work that was signed, whether it was created themselves, directly supervised or not.

In Alberta there are ten professional organizations that can hold this designation with one of them being Professional Biologists within the realm of wetland sciences. 

In Alberta, Professional Regulatory Organizations are self-regulating organizations that are guided by provincial legislation and regulations. These organizations have been given the authority within Alberta to regulate their respective professions or professionals in a manner to ensure that the public safety and interests are protected. Functionally, these organizations are responsible for licensing, accrediting, or designating qualified individuals who wish to practice within a specified field in Alberta. 

For Wetland practitioners that hold the authenticating professional designation, a list of requirements must be met for membership and to hold your standing within a PRO-10 organization in Alberta. 

An Authenticating wetland professional must:

1) Be in good standing as a regulated member in their respective Professional Regulatory Organization. 

2) Receive a declaration statement from an individual claiming competency, for one or more of the following authentication points:

- Wetland Assessments and Impact Reports

- Replacement design and monitoring plan 

- Validation

- Verification

3) Receive a letter of recommendation from at least one authenticating wetland professional that includes endorsement of the individuals competencies and/or addressees  the five year environmental and three year wetland experience practical work standard

4) Provide a copy of an approval number of an approved wetland-specific regulatory application made under the Alberta water act.

5) Provide a resume that clearly demonstrates five years of post degree practical environmental experience, and three years of practical Alberta wetland experience. 

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