Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy

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Alberta WEtlands: from classification to policy

november 5-6, 2019 in CALGARY, AB

December 4-5, 2019 in Edmonton, AB

February 25-26, 2020 in Edmonton, AB

March 10-11, 2020 in Calgary, AB

April 7-8, 2020 in Edmonton, AB

April 28-29, 2020 in Calgary, AB

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Aquality has developed a two day in class Wetland Course, "Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy", taught by Jay S. White, Aquality’s Principal Researcher, Professional Biologist (P.Biol.) and Authenticating Professional (AP). This course provides essential background information necessary for making informed decisions about wetlands.



Day 1 - Wetland Theory, Classification, and Functions

This module is the quintessential primer of wetland ecology with emphasis on classification systems and how they are applied to wetlands in Alberta. The ecosystem functions of wetlands and riparian areas are addressed including flood attenuation, water quality and quantity, climate impacts, biodiversity, and stormwater management. 

Day 2 - Policies Affecting Wetlands in Alberta

This module will address federal, provincial and municipal policies affecting wetlands in Alberta, particularly the new Alberta Wetland Policy (released September 11, 2013). Regulations, Legislation, and Codes of Practice will also be reviewed at a provincial scale. Wetland Avoidance, Mitigation, Compensation/Replacement guidelines, and economic valuation of wetlands will also be covered.

Common Mineral wetland plants of alberta field guide

Aquality also offers a wetland plant identification manual titled "Common Mineral Wetland Plants of Alberta." While not required for the course, it is recommended as supplementary material. If you would like a copy of the manual you can select it as an option upon registration.


“The personal involvement and passion about this subject helped to hit home and really “sell” the need for proper understanding around the function and importance of each kind of wetland.”

– TERA Environmental Consultants

"Energetic and very knowledgeable presenter! This is definitely a niche topic, it was good to get insight & clarity, especially on policy.” 

– Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

“Great job! Very educational. It was very interesting to learn about Alberta’s Leg/Reg/Acts… I can take this information and relate it to my own area. Thank you!”

– 2012 CWRA Conference Workshop

“Excellent overall, detailed information; far more comprehensive than available from any singular source. Particularly liked the case study examples.”

– ATCO Gas

“I know many other folks in government and crowns that would benefit from this course. Keep up the good work!”

– Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment


Aquality offers the option of a customizable in-house Wetlands Course. Ideal for large companies and organizations! For more information on this option please contact Aquality Environmental at 780.757.5530 or email at

Principal Instructor: Jay White, M.Sc, P.Biol, AP

Jay is the principal researcher at Aquality and has 20 years experience in wetland ecology. He is a Professional Biologist (P.Biol) and an Authenticating Professional (AP). He has been involved with the development of the Alberta Wetland Policy, has overviewed treatment wetland design and quantified wetland values. Jay is currently the Vice-President of the Alberta Water Council and has been involved with the Provincial Water Strategy (Water for Life) since its creation. Jay is also personally involved with several non-profit groups such as Alberta Lake Management Society, Alberta Stewardship Network, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Trout Unlimited Canada.