Wetland Courses with Aquality

Course Schedule

"Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy" (two day course) will be offered on the following dates:

Upcoming Dates:

Fort McMurray: *cancelled*

Edmonton: March 23-24, 2017

calgary: April 11-12, 2017 

Lunch and snacks are provided. All course materials are provided (including PDF of slideshow on a flash drive). The cost of the course is $599 + GST. If you would like a copy of "Common Mineral Wetland Plants of Alberta" you may select it as an option upon registration.

To register, click here. For questions contact us at wetlands@aquality.ca 

"Alberta Wetlands: Field Assessment Course" (two day course): There are currently no dates scheduled for this course. Due to the nature of the field course, it can only be taught during the growing season (May-October). Please check back for 2017 dates in the spring.


Courses We Offer

Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy 

Day 1 - This portion of the course provides a primer for those unfamiliar with the ecological function of wetlands on the landscape. Wetland classification, delineation, hydrology, wetland vegetation, riparian zones, and wetland functions are covered. 

Day 2 - This portion of the course provides an overview of wetland and water-related legislation and policies at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. It also covers how wetland functional assessments are used within these policies. 

This course is ideal for municipalities, developers, land surveyors, planners and consultants. For a more complete description, click here.

Alberta Wetlands: Field Assessment Course

The field course focuses on wetland plant identification and the required tools for identifying key wetland species in the field necessary for wetland classification according to the new Alberta Wetland Classification System.  

This course is ideal for individuals looking to improve upon their wetland vegetation identification skills. For a more complete description, click here


“The personal involvement and passion about this subject helped to hit home and really “sell” the need for proper understanding around the function and importance of each kind of wetland.”

– TERA Environmental Consultants

"Energetic and very knowledgeable presenter! This is definitely a niche topic, it was good to get insight & clarity, especially on policy.” 

– Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

“Great job! Very educational. It was very interesting to learn about Alberta’s Leg/Reg/Acts… I can take this information and relate it to my own area. Thank you!”

– 2012 CWRA Conference Workshop

“Excellent overall, detailed information; far more comprehensive than available from any singular source. Particularly liked the case study examples.”

– ATCO Gas

“I know many other folks in government and crowns that would benefit from this course. Keep up the good work!”

– Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment