Qualified Wetland Assessment Practitioner

The AEP Guide for Assessing Permanence of Wetland Basins released June 2014 defines Qualified Wetland Assessment Practitioners as environmental consultants who may undertake the primary assessment of wetland permanence. A QWAP must possess skill and experience; they must work under the guidance of a professional who is a member of a Professional Regulatory Organization (i.e., Alberta Society of Professional Biologists) and possess a set of skills including aerial photograph interpretation (strong), geomorphology (basic), wetland botany (moderate), and wetland ecology (moderate). An assessment of the permanence of a wetland basin is required to determine crown claim ability of wetlands. Wetlands that are semi permanently to permanently flooded are crown claimable; generally this includes wetlands classified using Stewart and Kantrud as Class III (possibly), Class IV – V (always), and Class VI (case by case).