QWAES (Qualified Wetland Aquatic Environmental Specialist)

Please note that as of June 1, 2015 the QWAES designation is no Longer valid

Qualified Wetland Science Practitioners (QWSP's) is the new designation as outlined in the White Area implementation of the Wetland Policy. Click here for more information on QWSP's.  

A QWAES is an individual with knowledge of the aquatic environment, wetland soils, wetland species, hydrology and wetland margin habitat and their management or assessment. The term Qualified Wetland Aquatic Environment Specialist was taken from the Water (Ministerial) Regulation - Code of Practice for Pipelines and Telecommunication Lines Crossing A Water Body and modified to suit the Provincial Wetland Restoration/Compensation Guide.

Waterbodies are defined by QWAES’s dealing with Water Act and Public Lands Act wetlands issues; QWAES’s classify wetlands and they are the people you need to complete a wetland assessment and are required for the wetland mitigation and compensation process (Figure 1) set forth by the Provincial Wetland Restoration/Compensation Guide.