Alberta Wetlands: Field Assessment Course

The Alberta Wetlands: Field Assessment Course is designed to help environmental consultants, industry professionals, resource managers, policy makers, government regulators, and agricultural professionals understand the methods used in wetland assessment protocols and to gain hands-on experience with field-identification of wetlands. The field course focuses on wetland plant identification and the required tools for identifying key wetland species in the field necessary for wetland classification according to the new Alberta Wetland Classification System.


This course is designed to give participants hands-on experience in the field. It consists of a mock wetland assessments focusing on plant identification.  Expert instructors will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Participants will be exposed to several different wetland classes common to the white-zone of the province following the new Alberta Wetland Classification System.

The pre-requisite for this course is Aquality's two day "Alberta Wetlands: From Classification to Policy" wetlands course.

Aquality also offers a wetland plant identification manual titled "Common Mineral Wetland Plants of Alberta." This book contains the species we will see in the field, and will be a useful resource for individuals performing wetland assessments in the field or reports in the office. If you would like a copy of the manual, you may select it as an option upon registration.

Instructor: Jay White, M.Sc, P.Biol, QWAES

Jay is the principal researcher at Aquality and has over 15 years experience in wetland ecology. He is a Professional Biologist (P.Biol) and Qualified Wetland and Aquatic Environment Specialist (QWAES). He has been involved with the development of the Alberta Wetland Policy, has overviewed treatment wetland design, and quantified wetland values. Jay currently sits on the Alberta Water Council representing the Lake Environmental Conservation Sector and has been involved with the Provincial Water Strategy (Water for Life) since its creation. Jay is also personally involved with several non-profit groups such as Alberta Lake Management Society, Alberta Stewardship Network, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Trout Unlimited Canada.